Restvorm is the new name used by Karin Arts and Richard Neef to direct their energy into performances, recycling art and to launch special projects.
In daily life Richard and Karin are a family, together with two kids, a dog and a cat. Because it's impossible to seperate our personal life and our work, we chose to live the way we work. Restvorm is a family company and everybody and everything is taking part in creating the best results possible.
Restvorm, a dutch word which has no english equivalent literally means residual shape.
Restvorm is about reuse of materials and giving them a new shape.
But we also use the visual and conceptual holes in people's perception. The visitor always plays a part in our theater of experiences and finds a new way to look at things that seemed ordinary before. The part that was left over in the beginning is now the part that gives you a wonderfull view.