Karin Arts 21 April 1970,

After a study at the Art Academy in Utrecht, Karin started as a freelance costume-designer. Between 2000 and 2005 she was part of the street-theater group 'Mevrouw Bakker'. They toured through all of Europe. With her friend and co-worker, Mariken, in 2006 she started 'the mobile sewing company' and toured the world. Now she started a family and together they create interactive installations under the name 'restvorm'. 'Rest' is the Dutch word for waste, so Karin focusses on re-using old materials and always finds ways get the sewing machine involved in the process

Richard Neef 11 juli 1970

Richard studied media-art at the Academy for Art and Industie (AKI) in Enschede. He started as a video artist, totally obsessed by video feedback, and created a performance where dancers would interact with live video-installations. In 2007 he entered the dutch-belgian vj-contest 'Visual Sensations' and won first prize with a performance that was described by the jury as 'Music you can see'. Richard started working together with circus artists and took his work to the theater- and circus-festivals. In 2011 he created a super short video performance called Mr Rizzo that gave thousands of people a very pleasant short stay in his one person theater. Now he works together with Karin under the name 'restvorm'. Restvorm is the name of the shape that is not filled. So Richard tries to find all the forms that have been neglected by other artists and use them to create new work.


Restvorm is the new name used by Karin Arts and Richard Neef to direct their energy into performances, recycling art and to launch special projects. In daily life Richard and Karin are a family, together with two kids, a dog and a cat. Because it's impossible to seperate our personal life and our work, we chose to live the way we work. Restvorm is a family company and everybody and everything is taking part in creating the best results possible. Restvorm, a dutch word which has no english equivalent literally means residual shape. Restvorm is about reuse of materials and giving them a new shape. But we also use the visual and conceptual holes in people's perception. The visitor always plays a part in our theater of experiences and finds a new way to look at things that seemed ordinary before. The part that was left over in the beginning is now the part that gives you a wonderfull view.